I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever…

I take my hat off to six year-olds. Not only are they coping with the transition from pre-operational to concrete operational, they are also losing teeth. This oft taken-for-granted occurance requires several weeks of anticipation, the distraction inherent in “a wobbly tooth”, the overcoming of squeamishness, the loss of a body part and blood. That they keep it all together while learning how to sit still and read is a minor miracle. I can see why the Tooth Fairy leaves £1 now!

Practice Emotional Hygiene

Returning to TED.com after a short absence, I came across Dr Guy Winch’s talk “We all need to practice emotional first aid.”  Juxtaposing our ability, from an early age, to develop positive personal hygiene and physical care, Dr Winch urges us to consider our emotional  health and resilience as the “twin” to the physical.  By working to remove the habits and mindset that cause anxiety, may lead to depression and generally get us emotionally and psychologically “stuck”, we can lead healthier, productive and more fulfilled lives.