Reaching the Tipping Point

John Sutton has written about work that he has done at Green Park School.  It is becoming increasing clear to me that we are approaching a point where blogging & web 2.0 applications are become used as everyday tools for sharing teaching & learning.  Just having a look at the Edublog Awards list is something of a marvel! 


2 thoughts on “Reaching the Tipping Point

  1. Hi Neil, Thanks for the namecheck! I’d like to share your optimism about reaching the tipping point, but we are still in a situation where LAs routinely block anything to do with social networking or creativity. Examples: Stockport blocks several school blogs that I’ve set up; Knowsley blocks all mp3 files (guess it’s going to be pretty difficult to podcast in Knowsley); gets routinely blocked all ove the Northwest. Schools have to have the confidence in what they are doing to demand access to services that they need, and that way, maybe web 2.0 really will take off. Here’s hoping.

  2. Hi Neil
    Thanks for the mention. We started our blog this time last year after very nearly going down the “conventional” website route. It has been a great success.
    Best of luck with your own efforts.

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