The Walking Bus

As a governor at Flamstead Village School I have become involved in the development of our travel plan.  To this end our Deputy Head has sought to introduce a Walking Bus.  Below is a map of the process to get the project of the ground & hopefully sustaining it.

Walking Bus

It intrigues me, the process of getting projects up & running.  I am used to the process within school: working with teachers, persuading senior management, etc.  However, this project crosses the boundary between teacher & parent.  It is an initiative devised by the school yet one which can only be implemented and made sustainable through the activity of the parent body.

Now I know, as a teacher, that parents can be very reluctant to become involved in school-based projects which require the sharing of a vision and change in habit.  So I will try to follow the following guidelines:

  1. Recruit the right support
  2. Make sure the parent body see that the project works
  3. Keep a low profile!

I don’t believe that any project can be sustainable for the whole school if only one person is seen to be the lynch pin.  And it is this aspect that will be the most challenging & interesting to report back upon.

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