DfES Consultations

Did you know about this site – www.dfes.gov.uk/consultations/?

The DfES circulates consultation documents around schools & anticipates an online response to draft doumentation.  I discovered it through an article by Janette Owen in the Guardian which highlights the difficulties that governors have in becoming aware of the intentions of government before guidelines are imposed upon them.

For example, the article reads:

Disappointed at the lack of information on governornet, I searched for “community cohesion” and was given a link to a 2003 document called “How governors can contribute to community cohesion and accountability”. However, access to the document was forbidden.

I’ve been wondering how to respond to a posting by Peter on what he believes is his purpose in Education.  And bringing these two somewhat divergent ideas together has lead me to conclude that we all must play a role in the one, central aim of our involvement in education: the development of the individual.

Peter has returned to a more structured environment to do what he does best.  Others, such as Terry Freedman, work outside the structured educational establishments in an advisory capacity.  Still more, and they are an increasing number, operate within the formal education sector (schools), yet find the time and indeed have the need to drive their profession forward.  Here I am thinking of those teachers who maintain blogs or achieve sucess or public exposure through the media.

Whichever way you view it, whether you are a governor, teacher, educator or consultant it is your belief in your role that counts.  And that role, as diverse as it can be and as difficult as it may become, has at its core the education of the child.  After that, for me, it is up to you how you express that belief.  If that means switching jobs, demonstrating and agitating for change or reading reams and reams of consultation documents then all the best to you.


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