More on Coaching

This course may just have ruined my life!  I think I now have the words “will listen to you whatever!” emblazoned across my forehead!  I jest of course, but I have found that it has become far easier to talk with people about their concerns – my poor wife is wondering why I keep asking her questions…

The process of coaching has lead me to begin what, we hope, will be a very useful dialogue with the Chair of the PTA at the school in our village where I am a governor.  She is, as is common amongst PTAs is very effective but finds the process of organising events increasingly burdensome and delegation very difficult.  However its a key issue in the management of the school: How do you recruit volunteer help & sustain it?  It may be as our Chair feels, that she just has to step away & hope that someone fills the gap.  But will they be as successful?  Its a leap of faith.  Perhaps what would be more sustainable, as emerged from our discussion, would be a situation whereby the chair managed the people organising events rather than manage the events themselves.  Of course this leads to a different set of issues, mostly in relationships!  Yet it seems a very interesting route to explore…


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