Smoke & Mirrors

I’ve been taking a stroll through the initiatives & directives that have recently been or are in the process of being published.  Even in independent education there is no longer a hiding place from the top-down application of new schemes, frameworks, policies or guidance.  A veritabnle forest of literature exists in an attempt to tie-down and regulate every aspect of the learning and teaching experience as well as the non-academic aspects of school.  It is a very timely reminder for those of us in independent education just what a duty our colleagues in the maintained sector have a stuatory obligation to carry out. 

The title of this blog is, in part, a reference to the degree of bureaucracy that now exists in school management.  It has become so very difficult for a head to manage that it is quite literally magical that so many remain effective and continue to drive their schools forward!

So, for those interested, here is a summer reading list…


Every Child Matters

Performance Management


Renewed Primary Framework

Gifted & Talented Education – with a focus on Dual or Multiple Exceptionalities


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