Old School Ties

The Sutton Trust have relesed the results of a survey indicating that leading professional people are more likely to have been educated independently.  In particular, schooling post 11 is the greatest indicator of future success. 

Dr Elliot Major said: “This analysis shows that the school you attend at age 11 has a huge impact on your life chances, and particularly how likely you are to reach the top of your chosen profession.”

So where does that place the Prep Schools?  If, as it seems from the survey, that your senior school education is the one that gives you the leg up, professionally, then surely it is the job of the Prep Schools to inculcate the core values that our future leaders are going to need. Honesty, fairness and teamwork are elements of what a good preparatory education can and should offer.  With the hope that our charges, when they go onto their senior schools, will take all their lessons in how to be a decent person all the way through into their professional lives.


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