Little People, Big Questions

We have long known that Disney held the answers to the greatest questions life has to ask.  Bereavement can be overcome (Bambi), love will triumph over evil (Sleeping Beauty), great rewards await inherently good, but poor, people if  you believe (Cinderella, Aladin) and living with 7 small men will lead to almost certain death at the hands of a wicked step mother!

Well now, with the help of the words of a song from Disney’s Pocahontas, Peter Worley at Eliot Bank Primary School, have been utilising high-order thinking skills in their philosophy sessions.  “Can you step in the same river twice?”  is the question posed and this BBC article outlines how these young children take answering it very seriously.

 One of the biggest challenges facing schools in the coming decade is how to provide a suitable education for the future work force.  NESTA have recently published a policy document outlining how important “soft skills”, such as collaboration, problem solving and leadership, will be to our children.  So iniatives such as the philopsophy sessions at Eliot Bank are a key element in redressing the balance with the burden of a reductionist, results-driven curriculum.

As Kathy Palmer, Head of Eliot Bank says:

Our children are going into such a changing world. We can’t predict what they’re going to need in terms of knowledge, but one thing we can give them is confidence and a sense of how to learn.


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