Separating Schools & Politics

Doug Belshaw has pointed out an article in the Guardian this week, written by Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs, outlining a proposal for a non-partisan, independent policy commitee for education (EPC).   As a governor of a small village school, it is clear just how inundated heads are by the requirements foisted upon them by central government.  What schools do need is a form of independence themselves.  As  O’Neill states in one of the 12 points which would establish the EPC’s remit:

Another important role for the EPC would be to give structured insights into the roles played by teachers and how they could be more effective. Many headteachers seem to want to be left to deliver the curriculum with minimal interference from local or national government.

If the EPC is to transcend the vagaries of the political climate, then surely schools need to be released from this burden also.


One thought on “Separating Schools & Politics

  1. In most cases, headteachers being left alone to implement the National Curriculum would be a good idea. However, it might not be best in all cases. I think there needs to be a balance between undue political interference and keeping checks and balances in place! 🙂

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