A warning for all teachers in advance of the new term!

Girl overdoses on espresso coffee


Walking to School

As an aide memoire when I get back to the UK I’m posting this link to an article about the walk-to-school efforts of Millfield Primary School. I’m the governor of a small village school where a very large percentage of the children walk evryday. However there still remains the potential for an accident outside the school & the need to reduce the car journeys into and out of the village is very important. The efforts of schools such as Millfield are inspirational and demonstrate that motivated staff and pupils can make a real difference.

Read in conjunction with this article, Schools Should Be Free Of Cars, there are clearly real reasons, other than road safety, to reduce our reliance on cars for the school run.
Here are a summary of points emerging from a study by the Institute for European Environmental Policy:

  • If people walk one more hour a week it could equate to the loss of 2 stones in a decade.
  • This would result in the displacement of 11 million tonnes of CO2.
  • 40% of all journeys are under 2 miles.

Finally, with the statistic that the average Briton walks for just 67 hours a year, it is no wonder that by getting our children out of their cars we will be making a massive contribution to their general well being.

What do you Tab?

What better way to overcome slow connecting broadband than to open multiple tabs!  So I though’t I’d share the 7 tabs I’ve go open at the moment (perhaps this says something about me)…








Anyone else want to share there multipletabbing experiences?

Loyalty Tested to Breaking Point

Is it me or do others of you who use web 2.0 applications get the urge to defect to a different application than the one you are currently using?  I mean, don’t get me wrong there’s now way now that I will move my blog from edublogs, but the temptation is there to keep rattling around and play with all the new toys online

Ah well, I guess, just like a marriage, one has to make a commitment to your applications!  So no moving from Facebook to MySpace (I’m not that much of a digital native to make the most of it anyway & facebook is a bit daunting!).  No taking myself off to Eduspaces.  Although I am attracted to Nuuvo, so don’t tell Moodle!