Loyalty Tested to Breaking Point

Is it me or do others of you who use web 2.0 applications get the urge to defect to a different application than the one you are currently using?  I mean, don’t get me wrong there’s now way now that I will move my blog from edublogs, but the temptation is there to keep rattling around and play with all the new toys online

Ah well, I guess, just like a marriage, one has to make a commitment to your applications!  So no moving from Facebook to MySpace (I’m not that much of a digital native to make the most of it anyway & facebook is a bit daunting!).  No taking myself off to Eduspaces.  Although I am attracted to Nuuvo, so don’t tell Moodle!


One thought on “Loyalty Tested to Breaking Point

  1. Glad you;re not leaving us 🙂

    Our aim is to provide a kinda base, into which – over time – you’ll b able to incorporate all of these other tools.

    Cheers, James

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