Where Are All My Friends?

A meditation on Social Networking…

…The “Invite Friends” option has a curious effect on me.  Do I invite everyone I know?  Do I just click on Doug or Josie or Ewan or someone I know who might just remotely be interested in me?  Or do I just lurk & draw down their feeds?

This unlocks 2 deep psychological issues.  One, a fear that I won’t make any new friends (i.e. my real friends won’t become my part of my online network) and two, that the cool kids (e.g. Doug, Josie…you know who you are!) won’t want to be friends with me!

Do I need 100+ friends?  Or can I get by with the dedicated 1 or 2 who poke me back on Facebook?

Anyway, if anyone does want to be my friend, you can find me at the edge of these playgrounds: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

BTW – I’m well aware that right now, like many bloggers, I’m probably talking to myself!

2 thoughts on “Where Are All My Friends?

  1. Know the feeling on the “inviting friends” I normally go thru the thought process of ‘how sad will they think I am’ or ‘will they just think, not another site/blog/poke!?’
    Fortunately…though depressing at the same time…online is one of the ways my friends and I keep in touch, due to work, group and (scary) social commitments

    Having fun on the way by answering each other’s questions or playing a game – I’m addicted to Traveler IQ Challenge!!! – creates a diversion keeping it from being lonely and not quite giving you the feeling of talking to yourself when you do blog!

    I often peruse my mates profiles catching up with what’s happening in lives, a bonus being when you do actually get to talk/meet person to person you’re not catching up with months of news!!!
    Keep them coming Neil its always great to hear from you
    Nanny H xxxx

  2. Social Networking anxiety! Next up we’re bound to have a new form of SNS rage. I’ve just bumpt into a bunch of people I went to school with in 1986 on FB and have found pictures of me aged 14. I’m thinking there are pluses and minuses. 🙂

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