More on Pedagogy Anorak

During my last post I googled “pedagogy anorak”.  No results, naturally, so I will claim that phrase.  How do I copyright? 

However I did google “education anorak” and got 8 results!  In fact, one link (with a fruity description) didn’t work, thank goodness,  others just had the two words adjacent, yet another was a load of nonsense.  In fact the only link with the phrase used in a sentence was from, a website concerned with the goings-on at the Houses of Parliament.

So now I am going to set up a Facebook group for anyone, like me and my Mother-in-Law (no, seriously).  People who are not afraid to say they love education & learning, who enjoy talking about it and would even go and visit other schools and (God help us) talk to other teachers about teaching!  So come on.  Fess up.  Are you an anorak too?

2 thoughts on “More on Pedagogy Anorak

  1. Hi Neil,
    you could grab the or org domain. Better than copyright!
    I love some bits of teaching and love to complain about other bits;-)

  2. John – that’s what’s great about UK teaching – the complaining! But it often gets us nowhere. I think we need to get a bit more American & inject some unbridled passion too!

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