A day

Not necessarily in this order…

Boy with suspected dislocated wrist
A policy on dogs on the school grounds
Making sure parents weren’t parking in our turning circle
Tour with the Ashraf’s
Meetings with 3 members of staff
Finalising Pay & Conditions policy
Whole staff meeting
School Leadership Team meeting
Meeting with our graphic designer
Cups of coffee
Toilet breaks
Brief chat with Head of Music about siting music practice suites
Discussion about staff sports kit
Arrival of new palm top PC for a trial
And tonight concludes with the last Headmaster’s evening, meeting about 60 parents.
And the chair of governors should be popping in shortly.


Has it only been 3 weeks?

Having reread my last post, I’m in danger of sounding like a TES columnist.  So I will beware.

I’ve begun to meet with groups of parents.  I worry about being too open, but I judge that do start a dialogue with parents, allowing them to ask questions & recieve honest responses, is something that they deserve.  I feel that, as educators, we have the children during the day and have a responsibility to lift the lid on the “black box” that is school as best we can.  In return, I know that I have an incredibly commited staff who I can trust to speak with authority.  Therefore we as a school are working on a position of strength where both teachers and parents have a common understanding. 

Obviously this is not always going to be as realistic as we would like, but it is something towards which I believe we must strive. 

Week 2

Where does the week go.  On the one hand it seems to have lasted an age, on the other to have passed by in a flash.  It began, on Monday, with discussions about modernising our approach to school photos, meeting a former pupil who is now in her 80’s (wonderful lady) and a chance to take stock – it seems so long ago.  It continued into Tuesday with my first tour of our school, staff concerns with children, meeting our lead LSA, discussing “branding” & marketing with a graphic designer.  Wednesday started with an important parent conference, more graphic design, construction of a storage shed for Foundation Stage scooters & trikes and the chance to teach some PE & do cover – hoorah!  Thursday was Child Protection training…

…and incase I get to full of how wonderfully well MY role as head seems to have started, I have nothing but admiration for colleagues in the maintained sector and the work that they do.  My goodness it is so challenging.  We are blessed in the Independent sector and with that privilage comes enormous responsibility…

 …Friday was Friday Assembly.  Our weekly celebration of children’s achievement and since the parents are present a real opportunity to bring the community together.

So I felt as though I’ve had a full week’s work.  Compared to some, its been light & there will be rockier times ahead.  But its exciting to implement, or try to, ideas on how to bring about greater cohesion in the community.  Support staff in carrying out their duties.  Ensure the children have fulfilling experiences.  Which, lets face it, is why we are educators.

The First Week & What have I Learned

I’ve learned that it is a lot harder to learn the names of parents than their children.  So I’ll take from trying to hard on that one & let my knowledge develop over time!

That having a P.A. as good as Karen (just in case she’s reading!) is absolutely priceless.  Now, at last, I’m organised.  Well, at least my Outlook calender tells me so.

Being a head is about meeting people.  And meeting people.  And meeting people.  And…well you get the picture.

Having authority is a tremendous (in all senses of the word) responsibility.  I love and respect the privilage in equal measure.

What will I learn next week?  I cannot wait to find out…

Sweeping away the cobwebs

New year, new start.

Having started this blog 3 years ago under the guise of an “Aspiring Head” at Blogger, I guess I have now aspired!  I even have my photo on the website.

On Tuesday, term started at St. Joseph’s In The Park.  I’m the Head.  The buck stops with me.  And that’s about it. 

Except I wasn’t quite anticipating just how exciting it is.  Let me say at this point, however, I am fully aware how difficult it may get in the future.  Indeed there are issues that are not pleasant to deal with right now.  Yet overall, the sense of purpose and the delightful unceratinty of what may come is thrilling.  I work with a diverse, dedicated set of people and their enthusiasm for what they do each day is clearly represented in the delightful children that leave the school each day.

Well I would say that, wouldn’t I?  But its not because of me.  I’ve only just arrived on the scene.  These are the bare facts & it would be easy to march in & destroy everything by imposing a new regime.  And that is the challenge & where the excitement originates.  It is the process of personally absorbing what makes St. Joseph’s so successful and deciding what is necessary to move it forward.    Enhancing the learning experiences of the children and ecouraging the staff to develop in a direction with which they are comfortable.

We’re starting with the cobwebs…