Sweeping away the cobwebs

New year, new start.

Having started this blog 3 years ago under the guise of an “Aspiring Head” at Blogger, I guess I have now aspired!  I even have my photo on the website.

On Tuesday, term started at St. Joseph’s In The Park.  I’m the Head.  The buck stops with me.  And that’s about it. 

Except I wasn’t quite anticipating just how exciting it is.  Let me say at this point, however, I am fully aware how difficult it may get in the future.  Indeed there are issues that are not pleasant to deal with right now.  Yet overall, the sense of purpose and the delightful unceratinty of what may come is thrilling.  I work with a diverse, dedicated set of people and their enthusiasm for what they do each day is clearly represented in the delightful children that leave the school each day.

Well I would say that, wouldn’t I?  But its not because of me.  I’ve only just arrived on the scene.  These are the bare facts & it would be easy to march in & destroy everything by imposing a new regime.  And that is the challenge & where the excitement originates.  It is the process of personally absorbing what makes St. Joseph’s so successful and deciding what is necessary to move it forward.    Enhancing the learning experiences of the children and ecouraging the staff to develop in a direction with which they are comfortable.

We’re starting with the cobwebs…


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