Week 2

Where does the week go.  On the one hand it seems to have lasted an age, on the other to have passed by in a flash.  It began, on Monday, with discussions about modernising our approach to school photos, meeting a former pupil who is now in her 80’s (wonderful lady) and a chance to take stock – it seems so long ago.  It continued into Tuesday with my first tour of our school, staff concerns with children, meeting our lead LSA, discussing “branding” & marketing with a graphic designer.  Wednesday started with an important parent conference, more graphic design, construction of a storage shed for Foundation Stage scooters & trikes and the chance to teach some PE & do cover – hoorah!  Thursday was Child Protection training…

…and incase I get to full of how wonderfully well MY role as head seems to have started, I have nothing but admiration for colleagues in the maintained sector and the work that they do.  My goodness it is so challenging.  We are blessed in the Independent sector and with that privilage comes enormous responsibility…

 …Friday was Friday Assembly.  Our weekly celebration of children’s achievement and since the parents are present a real opportunity to bring the community together.

So I felt as though I’ve had a full week’s work.  Compared to some, its been light & there will be rockier times ahead.  But its exciting to implement, or try to, ideas on how to bring about greater cohesion in the community.  Support staff in carrying out their duties.  Ensure the children have fulfilling experiences.  Which, lets face it, is why we are educators.


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