Has it only been 3 weeks?

Having reread my last post, I’m in danger of sounding like a TES columnist.  So I will beware.

I’ve begun to meet with groups of parents.  I worry about being too open, but I judge that do start a dialogue with parents, allowing them to ask questions & recieve honest responses, is something that they deserve.  I feel that, as educators, we have the children during the day and have a responsibility to lift the lid on the “black box” that is school as best we can.  In return, I know that I have an incredibly commited staff who I can trust to speak with authority.  Therefore we as a school are working on a position of strength where both teachers and parents have a common understanding. 

Obviously this is not always going to be as realistic as we would like, but it is something towards which I believe we must strive. 


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