Blogging by default

Having written to my brother-in-law in the US, I thought it would make a decent blog post…

Good to hear from you Pete & I do owe you an email although, in this job I am fully utilising my 7,000 word daily allowance of words for males, especially as many of the words have several syllables and are hard to understand even though I say them!

Note: women have 21,000 words (allegedly) and since 2/3 of my staff are women I do have to have to go into semantic overdraft on a daily basis.
I agree with you about the importance of measuring change & I am equally curious to discover just how the school, under my headship, is progressing.  However, it is a delicate balancing act and to many yardsticks and too many new initiatives will get in the way of actually letting change happen.  I know, against my natural inclination, I have not started with all guns blazing.  As I said to Robin: Take a deep breath & a step back.  The people who are going to enact change are the staff & to make change acceptable and achievable the direction of change has to be familiar and recognisable by them.  At least at the start, as the teams get used to the idea of change.  At the moment I am concentrating on upskilling, training and professional development opportunities.  These are the tools that we will all need to approach change in the future.  To paraphrase Diana Ross, as covered by Phil Collins, “You Can’t Hurry Change”!

If you want to play with some exciting tools have a look at this collection of bookmarks:

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Anyhow, I now know I’ve got enough to publish on my blog, thanks!

How far will XU get?  Final 4?  Does anyone actually watch basketball anymore?  Isn’t it like Ice Hockey?

How are the Bearcats football team shaping up for the new season?


It is worth noting that an important new collaborative project is starting down under.  Al Upton & his Mini Legends are embarking upon the development of class weblogs.  I hope I’m able to join as a mentor.  This is a collaboration on a global scale and truly embraces what educational weblogging has always been about, especially at Primary level.

Two exponents of UK collaboration have been discussing their work on a podcast.  John & Tom have an awful lot of advice & experience & it is worth listening to.