It seems extraordinary that I haven’t written since the end of February. Still, the busy life of a head & all that!

I have been wrestling with just what to write. Recognising the need for a more circumspect approach, I realise that my emphasis needs to be more reflective. An online professional development portfolio, if you will. I think this would be a good place to keep evidence of what I’ve achieved.

Currently I’m writing our school plan. As chair of governors at Flamstead Village School, I have exceptional access to resources and training that have enormous benefit to my own practice as a Headmaster.

Monday started with a SWOT analysis. The ideas that the staff produced are a marvellous jump-off point for further planning. Incidentally, having mixed the groups across departments, the analysis they returned was very much focused on whole-school issues. Note to self for next time: ensure time is given for staff to work on analysis in their departments as well. Actually I will hijack their meetings for some extension work.

Tuesday we had a presentation from Theresa Forbes of the International Primary Curriculum. Very positive feedback from the staff. It will be an excellent solution for our foundation curriculum and allow staff to utilise their innate creativity.

Today – the start of term. Smiles, hellos, sunshine. There is not a much better way to start. It continued with a round of meetings & phone calls – although I pleased my PA by almost completely sticking to my 9-12 admin slot & not wondering off to do something more interesting! It finished with my J3 & 4 PE – thus proving one of 2 things: either I have huge range as a professional educator and school manager or (which is more likely) I’ll do as I’m told by my Head of Juniors!

And just to prove one or the other of these statements…

U9 Football 2008

Tomorrow I’m off to Tescos with the winners of our Healthy Eating competition. Oh for the life of a Head…