Do parents want to go private?

BBC NEWS | Education | Do parents want to go private?

As my PA & myself now constitute the marekting team at St. Joseph’s In The Park, I took myself off yesterday to a Strategic Marketing Seminar run by AMDIS.  I returned to base today full of phrases like “Key Buying Factors” and “Market Sector Segmentation” and “Blue Ocean Markets”.  Naturally, my SLT looked at me as if I was off my rocker.  But Marketing Strategy is the law of the Jungle in this day and age.  Although I’m not going to jump onto the Credit-Crunch-Is-Bad-For-Independent-Schools bandwagon, I must admit I’m looking forward to interpreting my new found knowledge of Marketing Strategy in real-life terms.

In the BBC News article by Mike Baker writes:

The latest Ipsos Mori poll for the Independent Schools Council shows that 57% of parents would leave the state system if they could afford to do so. That is the highest figure since these polls began in 1997.

However, he concludes:

Despite what some say, though, I am not convinced the poll proves a dramatic loss of public confidence in state schools.

So if this means that there is increasing interest in Independent education, we have to ensure that we capitalise on that interest.  However, I’ve discoverd as a Head that you cannot be all things to all people.  We are, as a school, what we are and our community loves us for it.  Maintaining the standards is the main thing, attracting new families to find out more about us is the next.  Play to your strengths and develop your weaknesses.

I couldn’t sell cars or houses, but selling education at a school whose product (in a marketing sense) is easy to believe in is a simple task.