Being Brain Concious

After the impressive performance of the BBC’s online services through the Olympics, they continue to impress with more & more content of interest. I guess we must expect nothing less for our licence fee! In fact, this amounts to a subscription to their website…hmm…best get the most out of it then.

Unfortuneately, I don’t necessarily have the time to delve very far into micro-sites such as this one on the Human Mind & Psychology Tests. However, there is much that can be gained from this site for our INSET sessions!


Where to draw inspiration

The Olympics, at the top of everyone’s (well almost) conversational agenda, ought to be a source of inspiration for us. Yes, I need to excercise more, but actually I’ve been really fascinated by the work of the various UK Sporting Bodies in the development of their individual performance programmes. In particular, it is the Cycling that has attracted my attention. An indicator of their success came today when the men’s team pursuit rode 11 seconds faster than they did 8 years ago. In an event that is so incredibly fast in the first place, to have developed performance so far seems to me quite astounding. But, as a school leader, it is the process by which this great leap was achieved that stimulates my curiosity and makes me want to learn how elements of this process may inluence the organisation of schools. I’ll now be looking out for anything written by cycling’s performance director Dave Brailsford.

For me, the important elements are:

  • Recognising & sharing goals
  • Investigating new initiatives
  • Training for staff
  • Creating a platform for open dialogue

By absorbing ideas from a wide variety of disciplines we can only become more creative in our search for ideas to keep our schools moving forward.