And with that in mind it seems as if the only thing we can rely on is change. At school, change is something that we manage with great regularity. It is perhaps one of the paradoxes of schools and education, that children, innately conservative little individuals, are in a constant state of change, growth and development. Nothing stands still in their lives. No point in cognitivie or emotional development is achieved without another further possibility being presented to them. As soon as they grasp counting, adding emerges. Mark making, in turn replaced by letter formation, spelling, sentences, stories, essays, reports, dissertations, theses, books….

This process is always intriguing and the most challenging for any of those who are involved in a child’s learning. What is the next step? How do they get there? What support do they need? Can they do it by themselves? How quickly should they be progressing? What will it lead to? What could it lead to? At school, it is our aim to keep these questions uppermost and engage parents in helping us come up with the answers.


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