On Twitter pt 2

And then there is teaching someone else to use twitter and explain how it works. I’ve had a couple of experiences of this and in both there was a certain amount of willingness coupled with a lack of comprehension of why it might be important. And therein lies the rub. I look down my twitter feed and wonder how some people get time to put finger to keyboard; why are certain groups or individuals so prolific? I also look down my twitter feed and wonder how or why I can read through all this material and am I missing some crucial nugget of news or information that will make my world a better place?
After several years of being “on twitter”, and with no formal twitter-education, it is clear that twitter is a media like print and traditional broadcast services except that it contains news, information and knowledge sharing from absolutely everybody; it is as much for global leaders as it is for our next-door neighbours and passing acquaintances. Getting the balance between tweeting and tweet-reading is important. The medium gives all of us with access a voice as well as ears and as with any form of communication the right and responsibility to use both wisely. It’s just that some do, and some don’t!
So perhaps this is lesson 1.
With twitter you are in a conversation. Its just that the conversation could be with Barack Obama as much as it could be with your friends from school.
And just as with any conversation, listen attentively and take your turn to speak, remembering what you were taught about being polite!


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