Ian Fletcher, Head of Deliverance

The BBC is often a rich vein of inspiration about a range of things. However, watching Twenty Twelve last night, I was reminded that satire is perhaps meant to teach us lessons about our own ‘real’ world. The sitcom is great fun and extremely well written and observed, although I hope the actual delivery of the London 2012 Olympics is being met with a little less farce than that at the ODC led by Ian Fletcher (played with such aplomb by Hugh Bonneville).

Are there inadvertent leadership lessons that Ian Fletcher might teach us? He is surrounded by colleagues who are relatively incompetent, slightly (or in some cases rather more than slightly) eccentric in some way, his marriage has broken down, he has been thrown out of his own home and he is compelled to commute to work via fold-up bike. And he has to deliver the most important sporting and cultural event that the country has seen in a generation.

Yet despite all this he remains calm, not given to histrionics, even if a colleague is attempting to pull the wool over his eyes, patiently interrogating ideas until something at lest reasonably sensible manifests itself!  He can articulate, even the most bizarre and outlandish ideas succinctly, almost convincingly and, when facing the world’s media, he always backs his team.

Oh, and he has a phenomenal PA who he values…although she is madly in love with him, which is perhaps not necessarily a lesson to take heed of!

Twenty Twelve


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