What IS 21st Century Learning?

We have all heard it, read it, listened to someone tell us about the need for it. In this post OECD educationtoday: What should students learn in the 21st century? we get the view of Charles Fadel of the Centre for Curriulum Redesign, addressing the key role the fourth or “meta” layer plays in augmenting the development of knowledge, skills and character.

As the world of the 21st century bears little resemblance to that of the 19th century, education curricula need to be deeply redesigned for the full triad of Knowledge, Skills, and Character, and keeping in the forefront the Meta-layer/fourth dimension of: learning how to learn, interdisciplinarity, personalization, etc.  Adapting to 21st century needs means revisiting each dimension and the interplay between them.http://curriculumredesign.org/

With the Government in the UK seeming set on the “command and control model” that clearly has not allowed us to move up the PISA rankings, what part does this meta-layer play in our children’s learning experiences?


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