What attracts your attention this summer?

Along with the Olympics and a well-deserved break after a furiously busy school year, I’m sure there is plenty to keep us occupied through the Summer. I am always curious however as to what gets into a Head’s head in those lazy, sunny(?) days, when the mind can drift away into the kind of blue-skies thinking that will strike fear into the hearts of Bursars and Leadership Teams in September.

For me there is the prospect of engaging with a personal “Motivational Map” with Mark Turner.  It will further enable me to identify what makes me tick and how to work more effectively with colleagues.  I hope this will lead to an opportunity for our staff team to do the same.

There is finishing Ian Gilbert’s “Why Do I Need A Teacher When I’ve Got Google“.  If you haven’t yet, it is an excellent read and provokes a great deal of thought about the shifting educational paradigm.

We will have brand new ICT & DT provision at School after the summer break and further development of both Google Apps for Education and Edmodo will be a focus for the coming weeks.  We have a new Junior 4 (top class) and they will need an induction to the use of the tools that enhances their previous experiences yet doesn’t present barriers to their enthusiasm and creativity.  We have seen some excellent use of the tools in our trails  in the last school year and we are now in an excellent place to go again with a new cohort and capitalise upon the new provision that we have.

What is attracting your attention this Summer?


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