Leadership challenges: learning to embrace paradoxes

Leadership challenges: learning to embrace paradoxes

Dr Betina Stamm of the Innovation Leadership Forum outlines 6 paxadoxes that ought to be embraced in effective leadership for sustainable and successful businesses:

Paradox 1: growth versus sustainability

Paradox 2: innovating versus operating

Paradox 3: change versus continuity

Paradox 4: collaboration versus competition

Paradox 5: complexity versus simplicity

Paradox 6: heart versus mind

As school leaders we cannot ignore the presence of these paradoxes in our schools as well.  As we know, we are subject to the vagaries of the economy and it is becoming increasingly clear that leading innovation, not change, to ensure our schools are sustainable, is our challenge as leaders.  Leading for Sustainability in Independent Schools, in a business sense, and more importantly in an ecological and social sense, requires skills and competencies that on the one hand maintain high standards and on the other develops values imperative for our students’ future well-being.  Perhaps this is paradoxical, yet perhaps we are uniquely placed to embrace this and establish a culture within a school that enables young people to flourish and grow; understanding what will be required of them when growing up and making important choices in the future as consumers.


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