Social Responsibility: Peace Education

Fighting Islamophobia in schools | Education | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

A key point raised in this article from UNESCO is that:

since wars begin in the minds of women and men, it is there that defences of peace must be built.

The incorporation of an international dimension into school curriculums has long been championed.  However this has to be seen as a means of joining people together in shared value and not, as is often the case, a fact finding mission about similarities and differences.

It takes courage to address issues surrounding peace education.  Courage from leadership & management;  courage from teachers in the classroom to have challenging conversations with children about race & religion.  Courage to encourage tolerance.

Recognising the universality of Human Rights and the need for tolerance and understanding are challenging concepts but aligned clearly with all that schools should stand for.  The question is, though, just how far does a school go in promoting this philosophy?  How do you educate for peace and tolerance when there are diverse views & opinions at the school gate?



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