Google Apps Training at St Joseph’s in the Park School

Zoe Ross » Blog Archive » Google Apps Training at St Joseph’s in the Park School.

We were delighted to have Zoe with us last Monday to take the staff team through the potential that exists in Google Apps.  By discussing the suite of tools as well as blogging and sharing photos, we recognised that all members of staff could make use of the tools in some way shape or form.

What impressed me most was the discussion it provoked over an number of issues; from the possible uses to the level of competency required.  We focus a great deal of our attention on developing our own intelligent behaviours and a growth mindset (thanks to Mr Costa, Ms Dweck, et al.) and the staff quickly came to understand where they were on the learning curve; some helping others, others getting on and tinkering and those who really felt lost courageous enough to say so and talk through their concerns.

Clearly, and with any team, what emerges from the start are the challenges.  And the solutions come in a range of forms.  There are those that will help themselves, those that will look to others for help, those, indeed, who will offer help and those who require something altogether different.  That is where our digital leaders will step in.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will enable groups of children to help some classes with their blogs.  Inspired by the Digital Leaders Network, we will have teams of children liaising with departments to put together blog posts and share their knowledge on how blogging works.  It is a very exciting opportunity for both staff and children and we hope will lead to creative and productive collaboration.

And a growth mindset.

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