Some moments from this week at school

tidy school
Children always surprise me.  On Monday in Assembly I announced that there would be an opportunity for children to volunteer to pick up litter around school and generally look to keep the place tidy and organised.  It started with about a dozen names on Tuesday morning and by today, as you can see, it has grown immeasurably   So much so that I have to now leave the organisation with the school council!  The enthusiasm is exceptional and we are assured of plenty of help!  The school will never have looked so tidy!

You may have picked up some news about our children’s involvement at the BETT show earlier this week.  Jack, Maddie and Millie created a presentation on their use of a virtual learning environment Edmodo.  The video below and the presentation (see link) are all their own work.  You will need to turn the sound up on the video!  The aim of this and the other presentations by children from 10 different schools is to promote the role of Digital Leaders in schools.  DLs are students who can use their skills to help others and share their understanding of ICT in learning.  It is an entirely new concept in enabling children and is something we are pursuing with all of the upper Juniors – and one or two lower Juniors too.  The children, naturally, were a credit to the school and we are very proud of the courage and skill they have demonstrated.

Finally, another first as we attempted our live radio broadcast using an online and iPhone app called Mixlr.  Juliet, James and Mia were our first broadcasters and Miss Martin kindly stepped in as a guest to be interviewed.  Due to what can only be described as technical difficulties we only got 3 minutes or so, but we will return next Friday at 12.30pm!  Here is the first clip and, amongst other items, you can look forward to a live piano recital by Grace W in next week’s show.


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