10 things in preparation for Headship

A very concise and thorough list from my friend prepschhead! Far more erudite than my contribution yesterday, this list gets to the heart of the significant points to consider in Headship. For me, numbers 3, 6 and 8 stand out as carrying the most weight and having the greatest bearing on one’s personal development as a Head.

Decide what your vision for education is.
Network and build up a support group.
Commit to the highest level of professionalism.

I was privileged to be with an outstanding group of fellow Heads at an annual dinner last night in IAPS district 1N. The dinner also marked the retirement from Headship of two wonderful educators and significant characters within Prep Schools. It is clear that successful Headship will also require character – not just in the personal attributes of resilience, perseverance, graciousness, etc. – but in being a figure that the community you lead can rally around. Not everyone can be a larger-than-life and ebullient individual, but there are other “characters” that Heads can be that inspire confidence, trust and a desire for affiliation. I met many last night and it is an aspect of Headship that must not be lost.

The school is you and you are the school, perhaps?


It was good to be with IAPS N1 Deputy Heads this afternoon and to be invited to contribute to the programme along with Neil Jones.

The first session focussed on preparation for Headship which is something I have posted on before; see previous posts.

Today I highlighted:
1. If you are a Deputy Head you should never feel compelled to be a Head. Some Deputy Heads continue to be fulfilled in their role and do not feel called to Headship. It is the right career progression for some, but not for all. Equally, there are other options and you should pursue what is right for you and your family.
2. Seek to gain as much practical experience as you can before becoming a Head. The angle of your learning curve will be proportionate to your experiences, so prepare well; it will enable you to start with greater confidence and self-assurance.

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