On women in leadership

While casting about through news and podcasts this week, I came across a talk by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  In the light of a recent visit to the Leaf Cafe in Hertford to discuss preparation for Nursery, what she said really hit home with me about how important it is to recognise the individual characteristics of our little girls when they are still so young and developing an understanding of the world.  We want all our children to grow up into a fair and just society where opportunity for all exists and is equal, especially between genders.  When I shared the ideas about early childhood education with the staff team at my school, we all agreed that there is, as Sandberg herself admits, an unconscious bias that labels and stereotypes boys and girls.  One that assumes male assertiveness is “leadership” and that female version is “bossiness”.  It has given us the opportunity to reflect on the way we can view a child’s developing character and what they have the potential to become.  And this will serve to reinforce the individual focus and attention that we give to each child.

One thought on “On women in leadership

  1. ‘One assumes male assertiveness is “leadership” and that female version is “bossiness”‘. You are totally right. How do you suggest we go about changing this mindset among adults? Do you think it’s a built-in perception for us as humans?

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