Towards a Whole-School ESR

20140408-015240-pm.jpg2 days of intense, focused activity from a small, committed team of educators has resulted in a model for schools to audit and evaluate their provision across the curriculum, co-curriculum and resource management.  What we achieved was a clearer definition of Education for Social Responsibility (ESR) and the real implications for school development planning.

Taking the 6 elements of ESR, we unpacked each of them to find the deeper meaning and to make their incorporation into schools more straightforward and coherent.  The table below is our first draft and subsequent iterations will refine the definitions and their applicability further.  The definitions are interrelated and linked and recognition of one will certainly lead to thinking in another area.  It is important that ESR is viewed as an over-arching narrative that joins together understanding about schools and their communities.  It is a recognition of the systems thinking and the ecological literacy that is essential in adapting education to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world.


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