The principles of adapting – @TimHarford


From Tim Harford’s book “Adapt: why success always starts with failure” (Abacus, 2011) come 3 principles for adapting in business and life.
1. Try new things, expecting some will fail
2. Make failure survivable: small steps or safe environments (like ‘Skunk Works‘)
3. Know when you’ve failed or you’ll never learn

In to the ACE age….

@guyclaxton speaking at the #iapsconf14 emphasises the imperative of agility, capability and empowerment in learning in our schools. By adding these core elements to a moral and ethical purpose to curriculum, co-curriculum and resource development in our organisations we get, very swiftly, to an Education for Social Responsibility. ACE are the “intelligent behaviours” that are essential to an effective ESR.

@GuyClaxton proposes some 21st century learning habits:

1. Flounder Intelligently
2. Manage attention
3. Question knowledge claims
4. Form effective teams
5. Diagnose and improve own work
6. Seek & act on feedback
7. Organise & design your own work