Black is not the new Advent

There is an elegance in simplicity.  The fast-paced, rapidly changing world in which we live constantly threatens to overwhelm us.  We feel compelled to jump onto the juggernaut that is a consumer-focused lifestyle; surrounded by media in so may forms, we are bombarded with messages to acquire “stuff” to make us apparently feel better, look better, be more satisfied.  Therefore it is ever more important to retain a focus on those things in life that are simple but most effective.

Ultimately, we know that well-being brought about by having things does not fill us with that warm glow of deep satisfaction that we obtain from being loved, loving someone, helping others or being surrounded by friends and family.

We are approaching the first Sunday of Advent and it is time to turn our attention to all that this amazing season brings.  Having a family that comprises a 5 year old and a 13 year old, we are far from losing the magic of what Christmas means to children and I am grateful for it.  There is much to be done, but the traditions are something that my children (especially the older one) crave and we see our love of the season mirrored in her.

And this is where we return to the idea of simplicity.  Whether one is of faith or none at all, Christmas has that elegantly simple message: peace on earth and goodwill to all.  Surrounded by black Friday as we are today, we must remind ourselves of the pleasure of those things that make us happiest of all.

To admit a guilty secret, I do love to listen to Ella Fitzgerald.  At Christmas, this song in particular sums up a better, more simple way to live our lives even beyond this time of year.  Cheesy, perhaps. Important, definitely.  Simple, absolutley.


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