Purpose or Priority?


What are 21st century skills?  There is increasing interest in the educational news media about how we are preparing our young people to take their place beyond formal education in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.  Environmental, social and economic factors (the triple bottom line) will impact upon them in ways that have hitherto been unknown and for which we, their parents and teachers, have not been prepared through our own life experiences.
Call them 21st century skills, real world skills, intelligent behaviours, or preparation for the workplace, it doesn’t really matter.  Names are not important.  What is important are the characteristics and ability to think – about others, themselves and the challenges they will face – that will lead to success in life and a more equitable and fair future.  The fulcrum around which this debate pivots is the notion of virtues, values and character; what they are and how to develop them within the context of school.
IAPS, as a member of the Sustainable Schools Alliance, is hosting a conference in partnership with Values-Based Education (VbE).  VbE is a charity that works in the UK and overseas to encourage schools to adopt the positive human values that lead to transformational impact on the quality of education.  The conference is an opportunity to meet and hear from Dr Neil Hawkes, founder of VbE and the International Vales Education Trust (IVET), describe how schools can create secure learning environments that enhance academic attainment and develop the social and relationship skills that last a lifetime.  Furthermore, the conference will explore how the adoption and promotion of core values in a school enhances Education for Social Responsibility and underpins Education for Sustainability.  All are welcome and we hope you can join us.
“Adopting Values to Support Education for Social Responsibility in Schools” a conference with Dr Neil Hawkes, International Values Education Trust, is being held on November 5th in Regents Park and is open to all.  Further details can be found here: https://iaps.uk/courses/detail/749/.