Qualities of Leadership #2

Further to the last post, I’m a big fan of simplifying things.  Too much to remember, long lists of words or concepts will only result in confusion or mis-understanding.  Getting to the essence of ideas, as quickly as possible, is far more compelling.

Coming upon this video from England Rugby, Head Coach Eddie Jones elegantly summarises the qualities in being a successful rugby coach: observation and continued learning.

With these two qualities, as leaders we have in our grasp all that we need to understand the people we work with, make effective decisions and support others in achieving their outcomes successfully.


5 thoughts on “Qualities of Leadership #2

  1. Agreed. A school is a community, not just a building, so empathy with people (teachers, parents, children …) is essential. And top-down modelling of learning in a learning environment is a no brainer. Something to think about though: How do the qualities of a school leader differ from those of teacher?

  2. That is a great question and for me the answer is: very little. We all inhabit leadership roles and the best schools adopt a distributed model that devolves decision making but ensures accountability. I could use the word “empowerment” but that can be a bit trite!

    A teacher leads in the class and may also hold a role in the school, such as head of department or have pastoral responsibilities. The qualities of leadership should be evidenced in everyone’s practice. Inevitably, however, the performance of a classroom teacher is predicated less on these qualities and more on technical ability (classroom practice).

  3. Valid points, but surely effective teachers also need good observation and learning skills in spades. Are there other fundamental attributes that distinguish leaders from ‘non-leaders’? For example, what special attributes do you have that differentiate you from your teachers? Or does it just come down to circumstance/experience?
    I’m hoping this might be a useful reflection to extend your August streak.

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